In accordance with the Priority of Renewable Energies Act (EEG), operators of solar power plants who feed the electricity generated into the public grid will receive a remuneration from the utilities providers.

This feed fee gives you a higher compensation for the electricity fed into the grid than you will have to pay for the electricity procured. The respective fee is fixed for a period of 20 years (+ the year of commissioning) and depends on the type of plant operated.

The feed fees are degressive in nature, i.e. they are gradually reduced, dependent on the year of commissioning of the solar power plant.

Feed fees after cut to 01.01.2019:

  after 01.01.2019
Roofmounted up to 10 kWp 11,87
Roofmounted > 10 to 40 kWp 11.55
Roofmounted > 40 to 750 kWp 10.36
Roofmounted > 750 kWp write off duty
Other areas (e.g. Commercial districts) 8.33
Open space < 750 kWp 8.33
Open space > 750 kWp write off duty



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